Baby Sign News-Week of Jan 5, 2014

Hello Signing Families,

Happy New Year! (click on the words to learn the signs.)

I hope you all rolled over into 2014 healthy and happy. You’re receiving this e-newsletter because you have expressed interest in baby sign language. You can always request to be removed.

News & Local Happenings:

  • First and foremost, I am looking forward to the next new class in Holyoke. We are starting up this Tuesday, January 7. Classes will run four Tuesdays from 10-11am. There is still space. To register contact Baystate Medical at 413-794-BABY.

  • If you were a participant in classes last year and missed one or more, you can make those classes up. Baystate has been very generous in their make-up policy. Give them a call and shoot me an email if you can join us for one of our January Tuesdays.

  • If there are certain times or days you are hoping to see a class happen, please make your voice heard – we’d love to accommodate you.

  • A big thank you to my participating babies and mamas at our special topic class At the Restaurant that took place at Cup and Top Cafe in Florence. It was really fun to learn and relearn things in an authentic and relaxed atmosphere. Send me your ideas for other special topic or on-location classes you’d like to see happen!

Cool Stuff:

  • Thought I’d override the official Signing Time “sign of the week” to bring you this rather relevant link. SNOW.

Tip of the Week:

So, you are totally excited about signing with your baby. Your baby is starting to show signs she is totally excited about signing, too. But what about your partner? Grandparents? Baby sitters? Other people in baby’s circle? Can we get them on board? What if baby signs to them and they don’t know what he’s saying?

If family members are interested and willing, start them with a couple signs that are most important to your baby. Teaching is the greatest reinforcer – here’s your opportunity to pass on what you know. If you have a reluctant relative, teach them their family member sign or how to sign their name – or give them a sign that baby can consistently associate with them. Appeal to the ego. Surely, if nothing else, they will want to know that they are included in baby’s new gestural vocabulary. For both the curious or the doubter, make a point of using sign around them so they can see you are dedicated, see the effects, and maybe even pick something up.

I have found that more and more caregivers seem to be aware of at least basic signs. Again, just show them what you think they might see from your baby or one or two words that will be relevant to their specific time with them. (e.g., She’ll wake up hungry. Here are the signs for milk and apple.)

It’s not the end of the world if not everyone in baby’s network signs. We all tend to use different “languages” with different people in our life. And when they get older, if your child is anything like mine, he may just take pity on those non-signers and teach them a few signs himself.

This Week in Class:

  • We are going to start off our new session with some animal signs—always important to the wee ones— and a few helpful words around safety for baby—always important for the parents.

  • I have some great new LARGER FORMAT picture books that I’d like to share/sign with you this session that each feature a different animal. The first one I think I’ll break out is WHERE IS THE GREEN SHEEP? Which is a lovely book by Mem Fox with lots of useful sign words. And continuing on the sheep theme, we will learn to sign/sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

  • In addition, we will of course also use our Signing Time music like “The Pets I Love” and “A Hard Day.”

  • Can’t wait for Tuesday!


If anyone wants to order Signing Time products, please let me know. I offer them at a discount and without shipping costs that apply on the ST website. It’s easiest to order in a lump, so if there are folks interested, I’d like to gather orders and do it all at once. I am able to order anything on the site for you: all Baby Signing Time DVDs, books, flashcards etc., but also anything from the general Signing Time series (I have a few favorite DVDs I’d recommend). I do have a small number of things in stock already. Feel free to email with questions.

Sign on, Kitty

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