Baby Sign News for the week of Sept 30

Dear Signing Families:

Welcome to those of you new to the newsletter this week! I’m fresh off my day of ASL immersion in Boston and whew! It was crazy-intense, but honestly, I wish I could do it every week!

New Class Sessions:

  • New class beginning in Holyoke October 15 and running four Tuesdays – through November 5. Classes take place at Baystate Health Education Center, 361 Whitney Ave. in the BRL Conference Room (easy to find from Exit 15 off Rte. 90). The cost is $50/family. To register call Baystate Healthlink at 413-794-2229.

  • Other classes hopefully coming later this year might include some Saturday workshops on special topics. Here are some possible ideas for special topic classes. (The starred topics are ones I’d like to teach on location). I’d love to hear your suggestions as well! At the Playground,* At the Grocery Store,*At the Zoo,* Potty Training, Cooking, the Alphabet

  • Also, I am always open to working with a group in someone’s home (as long as the location isn’t crazy-far from Florence, where I live). If you have a minimum of 4 people interested and a conducive home to meet in, get in touch and we can talk about creating a class.

Links You Might Enjoy:

  • So, I was searching for a story time on video for you and my brain was about to explode from watching so much mediocresigning. But, as I was losing all hope I found this nice one. The video itself is amateur, but his signing is clear and accurate. And as luck would have it, it’s of the book My Many Colored Days by Dr Seuss, which manages to cover colors and feelings! – just what we’ll be doing in class this week. Take a look and then, for current students, you might want to go back and watch again after we’ve gone over the signs together in class.

  • We love our peaches and watermelon, but it may be time to face the fact that summer has vanished (I am trying to come to terms with this fact as I write it…). Here are some food signs for review that will still work through the fall: CarrotAppleCereal.Pear.

This Week in Class:

  • Feelings and color words coming your way, as well as a review of foods from last week. Here is a brief clip of the “Rainbow Song” from Signing Time Vol. 6 (Series I) which we’ll watch in full during class. It will give you a quick introduction to the tune, at least via the chorus, so you can be better ready to sing/sign along when you hear it again. We will also cover the signs HURT and HELP.

  • My two-year-old son, Rhys (that’s the Welsh version of “Reese”), will be in class with us this week. He will hopefully sign with me, though I’m betting he will spend most of his time trying to get you to let him hold your babies. We shall see.

  • I’d like to take pictures in the class to use on my website and other promotional material for those that are amenable. If you don’t want to have your own or your baby’s picture used, just let me know. I’ll have quick permission forms ready to sign for those who don’t mind.

  • Flashcards are in. If you’ve already told me that you want a set, I’ll have them for you in class.

  • Unbelievably, we’ve already reached the end of session I – this will be our last class coming up. Registration is open for the Tuesday class. (See dates above.) I am working on getting another Thursday class on the books that would start on October 31 and run through November 21. Everything looks good, just waiting on final approval of the room. Both classes have a 10am start time. I will base my class content on who is there – if you’ve taken the Thursday class and want to move to Tuesdays, I will try not to repeat too much. Covering all the vocabulary in the full Baby Signing Time series takes at least 16 weeks, so there is plenty to do.

    Thanks for reading! Sign on, Kitty