Baby Sign News for the Week of Sept 16

Dear Signing Families,

I know. It’s not Sept 16. I’m sending this out early to get a jump start on ordering products for people in the Thursday class who want them. Info at the end of this email. Write me back ASAP if you’d like something.
Here are some signs for for this September! 
Current & Upcoming Events
  • It’s not too late to sign up for the class in Holyoke on Thursdays at 10. We have a great group going!  To register call Baystate Healthlink at 413-794-BABY.
  • I will present at the Northampton Parents’ Center on Wednesday, September 25. I’ll be teaching their circle time songs insign. Stop by and spread the word!
  • Also, I will be doing a (free) Signing Story Time at Greenfield’s World Eye Bookshop in October. Stay tuned for the date and theme.
Other News & Links
You may have seen the bullet points – Signing increases cognitive development, improves bonding, quells tantrums… Sounds great, but sometimes you need more to go on. I’ve been working hard to put together more detailed information about the benefits of American Sign Language for hearing children. I have more still to post, but here is a link to some of the essays I’ve written. I really want to educate people as to just what an asset signing can be for ALL DIFFERENT ages and stages. It’s still very much relevant before kids can sign back and after they begin speaking. 
This was in the August newsletter, but is worth reposting – a very interesting discussion of signing and music from a cappella group Sweet Honey in the Rock (coming to UMASS Fine Arts Center, Thursday, November 7. They discuss how and why they have included a sign language interpreter in their circle to perform with them at all their concerts.
Current Thursday Class:
Hello and thank you for a great class today! 
Since several of you expressed interest in purchasing CDs or DVDs. There is no pressure to order anything, but for those who are interested, I thought I’d get that ball rolling and hopefully get things shipped to us right away. If you are interested in ordering something, shoot me an email. Here is the info below.
First, a link to the brief discussion of video for kids with regard to signing from my website.
I haven’t found any CD-only products available for Baby Signing Time (only the regular ST series) – they are bundling them as the CD & DVD together.  Individually, they go for $19.95 + shipping on the Signing Time site. I can offer a 15% discount and no shipping cost, which would mean $17 plus tax.
I have two sets in stock now – as in Baby Signing Time Volumes 1-4 CD/DVD combos – and I’m happy to order more- they take about a week. On the sets I can also offer a 15% discount, which makes them $59.50 + tax. (They go for 69.95 on the Signing Time site.)
The other DVD which I think is rather cool and recommend if you are inclined in the video direction is the Potty Time one. I’m happy to show you bits of that sometime if you’re interested.

I also have board books and flash cards which I can bring to class to show you.
Cheers and sign on, Kitty